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15mm aluminium tube

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    Aluminum wooden profile for sliding door , it’s popular for household user. We supply many designs for choice . People use aluminium wooden grain profile instead of pure wooden .

    Wood grain transfer formula, often choose high and low hydroxyl value of two kinds of polyester. If the two hydroxyl value is too small, the gelling time difference, separation of coating and transfer paper is not easy. Through many experiments, we determined 75 mgKOH/g as a reference value of hydroxyl polyester resin hydroxyl, >75mgKOH/g high hydroxyl value, hydroxyl value < 75mgKOH/g is low, the film is easy to obtain and transfer separation this paper adopts polyester resin two range of hydroxyl value.

    As the grain transfer printing has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear and tear, fire protection, outdoor use, 15 years without changing color and other properties, almost all products are produced in this way labels. For example, open the mobile phone shell, inside the cabinet you can see closely dotted with bar code labels. A lot of labels can stand the test of time, the long-term deformation, do not fade, not because of exposure to solvents will wear, not because of higher temperature on the deformation and discoloration, it is necessary to adopt a kind of special material printing medium and transfer grain material to ensure that these characteristics, general ink-jet, laser printing technology is unable to achieve.



    Aluminum extrusion for charger , we supply this kind of profiles for many electrical factory.

    With reasonable price ,best quality and different colours .our products are your best choice .

    We are specialized in this technical field .Aluminum alloy charging shell process: aluminum alloy by processing methods can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy. The deformed aluminum alloy can be divided into non heat treatment strengthening type aluminum alloy and heat treatment strengthening type aluminum alloy. Non heat treatment strengthening type can not improve mechanical properties by heat treatment. It can only be improved by cold working deformation. It mainly includes high purity aluminum, industrial high-purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum and antirust aluminum. The heat treated aluminum alloy can improve the mechanical properties by means of red quenching and aging treatment. It can be divided into hard aluminum, wrought aluminum, super hard aluminum and special aluminum alloy. Aluminum Alloy low density, but the intensity is relatively high, close to or exceed the quality of steel, plastic, can be processed into various shapes, with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the use of the second steel. 



    Aluminum wooden grain profile for windows and doors , with different design and surface colour . Wood grain transfer refers to the basic profiles of powder coating or electrophoretic coating, according to high temperature sublimation heat penetration principle, through heating and pressurizing, transfer paper or transfer film on the grain pattern, rapid transfer and has penetrated into the electrophoresis profiles or spraying. The production of wood grain profiles clear texture, strong sense of three-dimensional, more able to reflect the natural sense of wood grain, is to replace the traditional wood ideal energy-saving environmental protection materials.

    Wood grain has strong adhesion to aluminum. It is non-toxic, odorless and easy to clean. Product lines clear, strong sense of three-dimensional appearance, good decorative effect, a return to the nature of the visual effect of recover the original simplicity. Sprayed aluminum surface coating, in the air is not volatile, no oxidation, no pollution to the environment. The dirt deposited on the surface of the spray can be restored to its original luster and appearance as soon as it is washed.



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