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Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

The company mainly produces 1-7 series of high-precision, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant special aluminum alloy pipes and rod profiles. The products are mainly used in special fields such as aviation, aerospace, petroleum, military industry, new energy, and heavy industry. Product quality is strictly implemented in accordance with national, industrial and military standards, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.   


At present, hollow ingots that have been put into production are φ460 / 192, φ460 / 152, φ260 / 83, φ260 / 122, etc. The project "Development and Application of 5083 Aluminum Alloy Ingot Billets Used for Forging" passed the technical appraisal, and the appraisal was evaluated as "innovative Performance has reached the national advanced level "; the size of the primary crystal silicon wire of the 4032 aluminum alloy for the piston is only 0.0079mm, which is ten times smaller than the 0.08mm prescribed by domestic standards; using the same level hot top casting technology, successful casting 7 series super hard aluminum alloy φ592mm large size solid round ingot, φ460 * 15.2 hollow ingot This technology has reached the domestic leading level; high-strength and ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy products 2A12, 2024, 7A04, 7075 have been developed and produced applications, of which The mechanical properties of 2 series and 7 series aluminum alloys are more than 20% higher than national standards.


Aluminum Formwork

Aluminium formwork is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a Building. Auto formwork system provides aluminium formwork for RCC, load-bearing, multi-storeyed buildings and enables the walls and slab to be poured in the same operation. This increases efficiency, and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish.

Aluminum sliding windows and doors
Aluminum powder coating profile
Aluminum grey colour profile
Aluminum wooden grain profile

Item: Concrete formwork,modular aluminium formwork
Material: 6061-T6/6082-T6 aluminium alloy
Thickness of Material: 4mm
Type: Flat formwork, corner formwork, beam formwork, etc.
Formwork Weight: 18-22kg
Thickness of Formwork: 65mm
Safe Working Load: 60kN/m2
Cycle Times: ≥300
Shape: Rectangular, customized
Size: 0.5m-11.85m, non-standard: custom-made as your requirement
Process: Drilling, bending, welding, precise cutting, punching, etc.
Standard: EN755-9, GB/T6892-2015, GB5237.1-2008, JGJ386-2016
Package: Standard pallet with waterproof film, or according to your requirement.


Aluminium Superficial Processing

Our company holds global updated production equipment and quality inspection system, the surface processing include series of aluminium profiles that have been subject to the processes of mill finish, oxygenation, electrophoresis, polishing, powder spraying, PVDF, wet painting, wood grain transfer, thermal break and insulation, and used for such four majors fields as door and window, curtain wall, decoration and industry.

Aluminum powder coating profile
Aluminum grey colour profile
Aluminum Thermal break profile
Aluminum extrusion for charger

Model Number: AE4-6063
Place of Origin: Guangxi, China
Brand Name: Gold Apple
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO10012
Temper: T3-T8
Grade: 6000 Series
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 tons after confirmed the samples
Price: US $2700 - 3000/Tons
Thickness: >0.7mm
Length: 1-8M



Aluminium Profile-Deep Processing

Aluminium Profile-Deep Processing

Goldapple Aluminum Formwork Product Details


    Goldapple Aluminium system allows building for monolithic and /or 2 stages casting application to suit all kinds of building requirements.

  • 2. Aluminium Panels-Extruded Sections

    Our panels are all extruded sections by high pressure pressers thus giving the toughness strength required by construction need. They are mechanically linked together -not ONLY from welding

  • 3. ALUMINIUM ALLOY 6061-T6

    6061-T6 is one of the most versatile of the heat-treatable alloys, is popular for medium to high strength requirements and possesses good to toughness characteristics. 6061-T6 has excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions and good corrosion resistance to sea water.


    Goldapple PATENTED PPWDER COATED ALUMINIUM FORMWORK achieves smooth concrete surfaces, more durable and easy to clean. No rendering is needed--savings on materials and labour costs.



    Our early strike system allows slab panels to be striped after casing within 4 days and provide top quality surface finish on the concrete, by using our special designed prop head.

Necessity of Aluminium Formwork System:

Rapid urbanization has resulted in a geometric increase in the housing demand, which cannot be fulfilled by using conventional methods of construction.

The traditional method of construction for mass housing & high rise buildings is a slow process and has limited quality control, particularly when a large size project is involved.

It is therefore obligatory to work out a method where the speed and quality of construction are controlled automatically by a systematic approach.

Aluminum Formwork Application

  • 1. Multi- Storey Residential Complex

  • 2. High- Rise Commercial Building-- Core wall

  • 3. Bungalow & Villa

  • 4. Civil Development

Aluminum Formwork Features:

  • 1.Speed

    Ease in Shuttering / de- Shuttering and ability to perform monolithic concreting for any structures gives “EINS Technik Formwork System” a superior advantage of speed. Using EINS Technik Formwork System technology floor to floor cycle of seven days can be achieved.

  • 2.Quality

    "EINS Technik Formwork System" is manufactured with precise tolerance providing High quality Formwork components which ensures the consistency of architectural dimensions.

  • 3.Safety

    A lot of importance is given to safety while designing the “EINS Technik Formwork System” External brackets are provided which are fixed along the periphery of the structure at two levels for safe Erection and De- Shuttering of External Formwork.

  • 4.Ease of Erection&De-Shuttering

    A lot of Emphasis is given to the erection and De- Shuttering time of Formwork. Vertical and Horizontal members are locked through pins and Wedges. Vertical Formwork Components can be removed in 24 Hours and Horizontal Formwork Components can be removed in 72 Hours without disturbing the props so that the Formwork Components can be used for the Subsequent floors with second Set of Props.

  • 5.Easy Material Handling

    Light weight of the system ensures smooth flow of the component without the use of any External material Handling Equipment such as cranes and super decks as the Formwork Components can be easily transported to next level by a single person manually.

  • 6.Highly Versatile & Durable

    High Quality Aluminium alloys are used to manufacture “EINS Technik Formwork System” with the highest standards of manufacturing methods and practices enabling the consumer to achieve as many as 300 usages, under Ideal conditions and proper handling.

  • 7. Less Dependency on Skilled Workers

    “EINS Technik Formwork System” is made of lightweight Aluminium alloy which allows the big and small components to be hand carried and setup. Due to the elaborate Design and Drawings provided to the clients, erection old formwork can be achieved by unskilled workers with ease and accuracy.

What is An Aluminium Formwork?

Aluminium formwork uses panels that are made from high strength Aluminium alloy.

The panels are held in position by a simple pin and wedge arrangement system.

The panel fits precisely, securely and requires no bracing.

It has sections that are large enough to be effective, yet light enough in the weight to be handled by a single worker.

Aluminium Formwork System is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placement and mechanical and electrical conduits.

The System is fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective. It is unique because it forms all of the concrete in a building including walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, balconies and various decorative features in exact accordance with the architects' design. The dimensional accuracy of the concreted work also results in consistent fittings of doors and windows. The smooth–off form finish of the concrete eliminates the need for costly plastering.

Aluminium Formwork System provides Aluminium Formwork for RCC load bearing or RCC framed multi-storied buildings and enables the walls and slabs to be poured in the same operation. These increases efficiency and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish. Due to the fine tolerance achieved in the machined metal formwork components, consistent concrete shapes and finishes are obtained floor after floor. This allows plumbing and electrical fittings to be prefabricated with the certain knowledge that there will be an exact fit when assembled.

Unlike other construction systems, Formwork Systems of aluminium forms can be erected by unskilled labour and without the need for hoisting cranes. The largest panel weighs not more than 25 kgs which means it can be handled by a single worker.

Q: What kind of surface treatment your company can produces?
A: We can process various surface, including mill finish, oxygenation, electrophoresis, polishing, powder spraying, PVDF, wet painting, wood grain transfer, and we also can produce advanced technology aluminum material - thermal break and insulation aluminum profiles suitable for cold-region.


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