A Process That Is Changing The Way You Think About Aluminium Extrusion

The element Aluminium has played a very important role in human civilization especially in recent years. Its properties of ductility, light density and resistance to corrosion have made it incredibly popular for various manufacturing applications. One such application is the process of creating extrusion profiles. Aluminium extrusion is a process where Aluminium is subject to high temperatures and deformed. It is then forced through a die that can shape and form the aluminium into various profiles. The whole process can be divided into melting, extrusion and coloring. It should be noted that the main metal aluminium is also mixed with other alloys improving its performance.

Goldapple operates one of the largest aluminium profile factories in China and they have a large portfolio of products. As stated on their website, there are several benefits to using aluminium profiles and they include resistance to corrosion, high electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, non-ferromagnetism, machinability, formability and recycling. All of this makes aluminium profiles a versatile, durable and flexible platform to create products that are used in a wide variety of industries. Their products include curtain wall materials, decoration materials, industrial aluminium and universal door-window materials for heat insulation.



Variety in how they process Aluminium

The company employs a variety of processes to create Aluminium profiles including electrophoresis coating, anode oxidation fluorocarbon coating, mill finish, polishing powder coating, brushed and wood grain transfer printing aluminium. Processes such as Electrophoresis ensures that the aluminium has a strong firm hardness and high impact resistance. The aluminium profile product also has stronger wear and weather resistance which makes their applications in building construction and engine components quite useful.


Variety of products

Some of aluminium profiles made by Goldapple are used to make curtain walls. They have good rigidity, high strength and light weight. The application of a non-adhesive fluorine coating film makes it difficult for pollutants to attach and has better cleaning properties. They are available in various packing options and have various shipping options as well.

Industrial aluminium profile is used to make extruded heat sinks which are very common in thermal management. They have high heat dissipation and come with an anodizing finish. They have a high surface area and utilize as many fins as possible with minimal spacing between them.


More info about Goldapple Company

Goldapple is China’s leading supplier and exporter for Aluminium profiles. They adhere to various ISO Standards and their products have through a rigorous set of processes to output at a very high quality and are also highly durable and versatile. They sell their aluminum profiles products all over the world including North America, Europe, Africa and various Asian Markets. Their products can be seen in several complex and high profile projects throughout China including the Oriental Meidiya Center in Beijing and Beijing Financial Street. They operate a very modern and high tech factory with over 20 years of industry experience and they employ highly qualified engineers and sales people. They are China’s leading aluminium extrusions provider.