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With a complete set of equipment, tooling and manufacturing technology, PingGuo has fully experienced in OEM/ODM service and oversea business during the past 20 years. PingGuo owns 25 extrusion production lines with the maximum tonnage of 5,000 T, 3 oxidation production lines, 2 vertical powder spraying lines, one horizontal powder-spraying production line and one fluorocarbon spraying production line. PingGuo has the full capabilities to deliver a project from concept proposal to final order shipment in various industries, such as aerospace, new energy auto, bridge construction, doors and windows, curtain walls, furniture decoration, rail transit, electronics and machinery, etc.

Meantime, PingGuo owns the capability of melting & casting and producing aluminum rods with self-developed casting furnaces. PingGuo can produce different grades of aluminum profiles with 5 Serie, 6 Serie, 7 Serie and more options. In the field of serive, PingGuo has always been targeting to provide continuous supports to our clients with our professional attitude and effort.

  • Request Input

    Request Input

    Customers can confirm the requirement based on PingGuo’s existing tooling drawings. Or they can just provide the detailed specifications, real samples or accurate design, which can be the precise request input of PingGuo’s new tooling OEM/ODM customization services.
  • Design Proposal

    Design Proposal

    PingGuo R&D team will check and figure out the technical drawings for clients in time and offer the most effective suggestions based on the product application if any changes.
  • Cost Evaluation

    Cost Evaluation

    PingGuo will process a complete program of tooling request evaluation and quotation proposal as soon as the technical drawings and order details are confirmed.
  • Order Confirmation

    Order Confirmation

    PingGuo will work on a further professional evaluation procedure to confirm the detailed technical standards and project plan, Upon the quotation proposal are confirmed.
  • Project Starting

    Project Starting

    PingGuo will start the prototype project program with our specified professional engineering and manufacturing team,  On the order is confirmed with a deposit.
  • Sample Approval

    Sample Approval

    PingGuo will offer professional engineering services and ship the FA samples of new tooling or new color for the final approval from the customers.
  • Quality Guaranty

    Quality Guaranty

    PingGuo will set up a complete and strict quality standard & QC request, and will start the mass production as soon as the final sample is approved by the customer. Under the excellent quality control system of ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO10012, PingGuo will guarantee the high-quality level of production.
  • Ontime Delivery

    Ontime Delivery

    PingGuo can always guarantee the on-time delivery with our excellent production capacity and reliability under our advanced equipment and precise production management. We will update the order progress in time and issue the shipping arrangement in advance, to avoid any delay on ETA or ETD shipment.


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