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Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

Seamless Pipe

Aluminum alloy seamless pipes are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, and high-pressure containers; thin-walled pipes processed by cold processing are also used in military products such as aircraft and radar.

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Aluminium Sheet And Strip Material

Aluminum alloy sheet and strip material is mainly used in automotive, medical and other industries. It‘s widely used.

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6Series Aluminium Alloy Extrusion

6 series aluminum alloys are mainly magnesium and silicon, so the advantages of 4 series and 5 series are concentrated.

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7Series Aluminium Alloy Extrusion

7 series aluminum alloys are mainly zinc, but sometimes a small amount of magnesium and copper are added.

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1Series Aluminium Alloy Extrusion

High-purity aluminum (more than 99.9% aluminum content) is mainly used for scientific experiments, chemical industry and special applications.

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