Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating technology adopt pure nickel salt, a highly stable and environmentally friendly single-salt process to treat aluminium door profile and aluminium window profile surface to reach delicate texture like porcelain and is an environmentally friendly, green and healthy aluminum surface treatment technology.
Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating aluminum material can also be called matte electrophoretic aluminum material, which is derived from the matting of the electrophoretic profile. Its surface feels smooth and delicate rather than bright as the traditional electrophoresis profile and the color is restrained which is closer to the diffuse reflection of light in nature, in line with people's elegant life taste.
The process of production is relatively complicated and needs over 10 years of work experience and technology in our team: aluminum rods are melted and cast from pure aluminum ingots, and the extrusion speed is 40% slower than conventional material. The surface of the extruded blank is extremely demanding, and there should be no obvious mechanical lines and die lines. The geometric size is above the high-precision level / the plane clearance is controlled within 0.3% of the ultra-high precision. There should be no scratches on the surface, and there should be a gap between each material, every aluminium profile for windows and doors should be handled with care.