All-aluminum home furnishing is a new type of furniture decoration material newly launched in recent years. The aluminum alloy profile is used as the plate, the surface is treated by spraying, wood grain, oxidation and other processes, and then the card slot and other hardware accessories designed by the aluminum alloy are used.

Compared with traditional panel furniture and solid wood furniture, This aluminum furniture profile has great advantages :environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-free, fire-resistant, high-temperature resistant, not easy to deform, anti-mosquito, anti-aging, non-fading and recyclable. In a word, All-aluminum furniture manufacturer's all-aluminum furniture truly realizes infinite recycling.

With great performance in heat resistance, its surface can withstand high temperatures of about 200 degrees, completely solving the problems of high temperature cracking and deformation of wooden furniture. It also adapts to various environments, whether it is cabinets, TV cabinets, or wardrobes. The aluminum profile for furniture is easy to install. All-aluminum home furnishing is a new type of home furnishing with the development of modern industrial technology and deeply loved by the younger generation.

The biggest feature is that it has a strong three-dimensional sense and a surface with a concave and convex feeling. Besides, it is also not easily deformed.  The aluminium home furniture is durable and does not absorb moisture, There being fireproof and waterproof, which has the advantage of not rotten for a long time. When moving, it can be removed wherever you want.