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A quick introduction to Chinese Aluminum extrusions

  • 2021/05/26
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GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is a top-notch Chinese aluminum extrusions manufacturer in China. The company has been manufacturing the best quality products to meet their customer’s demands. If you are looking to get custom made Chinese aluminum extrusions, the company can make you aluminum extrusions that are perfect for your project. Their goal is to satisfy customers and it is not so much of a big deal to mould aluminum into the desired shape.


All the Chinese aluminum extrusions have to go through a final process of electrophoretic coating. It can be done manually or automatic. But the company does this procedure fully mechanized and automatically. This is great for a number of reasons.


1-Because not only reduce the labor intensity but also greatly improve the labor productivity. Plus, this method has been really suitable for a large number of pipeline operations in factories.


2-Electrophoretic coating features a high rate of lysis in the water that completely dissolved or emulsified on the surface. It can be prepared into the bath due to the fact that its viscosity is very low. It is also easy to penetrate the coating into the bag-like structure for the special-shaped conductive material surface.


3-The electrophoresis bath has high conductivity and the coating ions in the electric field perform under the action of rapid swimming. Then the coated surface is neutralized after the formation of an electrical neutral wet paint film. It is done with the wet film thickening. The resistance is increased when a large number of paint particles deposited gradually and become smaller, thus forming a uniform and delicate coating film on the surface of Chinese aluminum extrusion.


4-The company uses high paint, up to 95% or even 100% pure. Due to the low solid content of the bath, the viscosity is often small. So, the coating brought out less paint and don’t waste any of the paint. When the paint is done, especially through the application of ultrafiltration technology. However, the implementation of the coating process is done in a closed cycle where the paint recovery rate is high.


5-Some of the other finishing processes include Anode Oxidation Aluminum, Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminum, Mill Finish Aluminum, Polishing Aluminum, Powder Coating Aluminum, Brushed Aluminium, and Wood Grain Transfer Printing Aluminum.


The purpose of these procedures is to make the aluminum extrusions stable for their own purposes. With the finished look, you can use these aluminum extrusions in any kind of matching interior. Different types of profiles are made for windows, doors, and other applications. The main metal element of the aluminum profile is aluminum. These are made with melting aluminum plus some alloy material and then color is added during the process. The alloy makes it more functional. Usually, the Aluminum profile is processed into casting products, such as foil, plate, belt, pipe, bar, profile, and then goes through cold bending procedures such as sawing, drilling, assembly, coloring and other processes. 



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