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Aluminium radiator profile

  • Goldapple
  • 2018/01/12
  • 200

Grey powder coated alminium radiator profile, the extruded aluminum alloy motor shell has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation, beautiful surface, corrosion resistance, free cutting in the bore, etc.. Because of the poor concentricity of the shell and the end cover causing the noise of the aluminum motor shell is very large, aluminium radiator shell solve it excellently. Providing further fabricating service as well, such as sawing, drilling, CNC machining, move spur etc. also providing special packaging requirement to keep away any damage during transportation. Carry out Chinese GB5237 and ISO standards to keep high quality management system.


GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP provides alloy 6005,6061 6063,6082,6463 and temper T4,T5 or T6. We also make every kinds of surface treatment for aluminium extrusion manufacturers to enhance their corrosion resistance. We have two anodizing lines, two powder coated lines, one is horizontal and another one is vertical, one PVDF line and some polishing machines, wooden paper heat transfer machines. We guarantee our powder coated has over 40μm, have excellent leveling, no spots on the surface, our anodizing film is 10μm, no color difference. The quantity guarantee is over 10 years under normal usage conditions. 



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