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Aluminium section for rolling door

  • 2018/01/08
  • 200

Black anodized aluminium section for rolling door, standard AA10 microns of anodizing film that is enough for corrosion resistance, but also to keep perfect surface treatment. However, in order to keep away scratching easily on the surface, we can make standard AA15 microns too.  The aluminium section for rolling door made from alloy 6063, temper T5, the tensile strength 160MPa, proof stress 110MPa,HW hardness 8.5 . With 1.0mm thickness, this sample has good hardness and other properties, it is not easy to be distorted, and we can product any thickness and dimensions according to the requirement of clients. 


  In the photo, there has protect film on the surface, it is our standard package to protect the surface of aluminum extrusion manufacturers , to avoid any scratching among each profiles. Blank protect film or with client’s company information are not problem. Meanwhile, we also wrap brown paper or shrink film for each bundle, the client can custom the packaging materials too. In a word, to protect good products during long distance transportation and make it look beautiful to sell in the market.



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