aluminum cabinet profile introduction

On the market, the cabinet door materials are mainly aluminum, carbon steel, aluminum titanium and magnesium titanium alloy. The thickness of this border is generally 1 mm. If the thickness is lower than it, the service life is difficult to be guaranteed. The quality of the track also directly affects the sliding effect. There are 2 kinds of tracks in the aluminum cabinet profile, cold-rolled steel track and aluminum track.
closet door can be used for a long time lies in the pulley quality
The door of the aluminum cabinet profile is usually 2.4-meter or 2.4-meter high and relative wide, so it has heavy self weight. Plastic pulley has hard texture, if it has been used for a long time, it will be astringent, whose push-pull feel becomes very poor. Glass fiber pulley is durable, and it has good toughness, wears resistance, and slides more smoothly. Consumers in the purchase, we must recognize the material pulley.
cabinet profile door is best to choose 8 mm to 12 mm 
The Wood of aluminum cabinet profile door is best to choose 8 mm to 12 mm in thickness so that it can be more stable and durable to use. The thickness of the glass is generally 5 mm to 10 mm and the inappropriate thickness will lead to the insecurity of use.
the tightness of the sliding door is 15 mm
In order to ensure that separating and closing, all the sliding door products will have a gap. The general external pulley needs 15 mm interval that affects the tightness of the sliding door. Although most products are added tops. But the top’s the density and gap size is different among products. Good closet door slides neither too lightly nor too heavily. But with a certain weight of the door, it slides smoothly without vibration.
glass gives an illusory feeling that is crystal and clear 
On the market, the aluminum curtain wall of the aluminum cabinet profile includes basically plate and glass, full-plate, all-glass, or the combination of glass and plate. Because of its texture color, plate gives a natural and simple feeling. While the glass gives an illusory feeling that is crystal and clear or hazy conceal. Like fashion, closet doors in the decoration of building materials is the fashion of consumer products, so it needs to coninuous new image.