aluminum doors and windows sealing joint strip

The doors and windows sealing joint strip is an important part of doors and windows accessories hardware. High quality doors and windows sealing joint strip won’t be aging off easily and it also can keep away from moisture, noise wind and heat.
Part of the aluminum extrusion manufacturers doors and windows sealing joint strip in the market are generally made of PVC material. Because these kinds of materials are not environment-friendly .The EPDM is very popular right now but the price is high accordingly. Many manufacturers use the cheap waste oil to replace the plasticizer, which leaves a great hidden danger to the users. 
Notes about purchasing the sealing strip
Smell it to see whether it has peculiar smell. The normal PVC material has a little alcohol taste which is hard to aware.
Observe whether the interface between sealing strip and profile is defiled and discolored. 
Measure the weight. The high quality doors and windows stealing joint strip is lighter. And the inferior products are heavier with small proportion. The legitimate factories use the light calcium carbonate as the plasticizer. However, some factories use the talcum powder or the coarse whiting to increase the weight of products. 
The damages of inferior products
Although the proportion of aluminum doors and windows stealing strip is small, the influence cannot be ignored. The inferior products not only are not environment- friendly, but also the smell they contain will do damage to your health and pollute the air. 
The inferior stealing strip is not environment-protected, and it has smell that will contaminate air. 
The inferior stealing strip lowers the impermeability, these inferior products contain the inferior plasticizer or the replacement which will harden and shrink easily in winter. The corrosion not only greatly lowers the beauty of windows but also impacts the service life of doors and windows.