Aluminum shape for rolling door

Silver anodized aluminum shape for rolling door, standard AA10 microns of anodizing film that is no only enough for corrosion resistance, but also to keep perfect surface treatment. If we have to keep away scratching easily on the surface, we can make standard AA15 microns too.  The aluminum shape for rolling door made from alloy 6063, temper T6, the tensile strength ≥205MPa,proof stress ≥180MPa,HW hardness ≥11.5 . With 1.0mm thickness, this sample has very good hardness and other properties, it is not easy to be distorted, and we can product any thickness and dimensions according to the requirement of clients. Generally, we can cut any length of aluminum extrusion manufacturers , for exportation, the maximum length is 5.58 meters for 20’container, but we can load 6.0 meters is not problem.  



Additionally, there are so many surface treatments and colors can be chosen, we can produce them by ourselves, such as: silver anodized, champagne anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, powder coated, wooden paper transfer, even polishing, sand blasting etc. In order to keep away any color difference, the customer can provide us color samples, we can match colors too and keep the same colors.