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Aluminum T-slots For Industry

  • goldapple-alu
  • 2018/12/25
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Some of the most popular aluminum framing components are T-slot extrusions. They feature one or more long, narrow slots that travel along the length of the extrusion, and the profiles allow for positioning of panels or screens anywhere along the axis. Aluminum T-slotted profiles can be fabricated with one to four slots per side, leaving the other side(s) smooth. Some profiles have thicker walls, making them well-suited to structures with very high load requirements.

t slotted profiles

T-slots are connected with standard fractional or metric tools and anchor fasteners, corner brackets and joining plates, and no welding is necessary. T-slotted extrusion systems are quick to assemble with standard tools. They resist torque and bending better than standard square aluminum extrusions, so they maintain their shape and strength. T-slots operate like modular aluminum building blocks, allowing for economical frame building by easily positioning fasteners, panels and other components or accessories.


We have the capability of taking your aluminum profile framing project from conception to prototype to production.



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