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Aluminum: the downside risks remain

  • 2018/01/25
  • 200

Domestic aluminum ingots inventories are still high in innovation

On January 2018, according to the distribution statistics, China's twelve aluminum inventories increased 25.8 thousand tons to 1697.6 thousand tons, inventories are mainly embodied in wuxi area.Domestic inventory for 1.757 million tons of aluminum ingots society, year-on-year increase of 1000 tons.As in the first quarter and new production capacity gradually put in the rain and snow and climate in the northern and lead to aluminium ingot is blocked, the arrival of the domestic aluminum ingots inventory has hit a record high, is expected in the first quarter inventory pressure to ease.

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Electrolytic aluminium completely cost or continue to slide

According to the current aluminum oxide 2900 yuan/ton, the weighted average cost of electrolytic aluminum industry between 14000-15000 yuan/ton.According to investigation, Aladdin with ongoing quota replacement, 2017 under construction delay delivery capacity of 2.79 million tons for it have been put into production conditions, is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2018, China will electrolytic aluminium heat sink production capacity of 1.402 million tons, the new production is concentrated in the Inner Mongolia and guangxi.



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