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Amazing Features Of Your 5 Series Aluminum Alloy That You Will Fall In Love With

  • goldapple
  • 2020/09/18
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Goldapple is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing various kinds of top-grade powder-spraying aluminum profiles in Guangxi, China.

They are also the world's leading aluminum extrusion suppliers. Aluminum extrusions are contributing heavily in building the rapidly changing world around us. The modern buildings that you see, the evolving automobiles, appliances and pieces of equipment et al, they all have aluminum extrusion profiles. Even the computer that we use today has at least one aluminum extrusion profile. Industries are acknowledging the umpteen benefits of the versatility of the metal and Chinese extrusion suppliers and manufacturers are considered one of the best in the market.


Here are the new 5 series aluminum alloy under the brand Goldapple by Goldapple 5 series aluminum alloy is mainly magnesium. It boasts of good corrosion resistance, good welding performance and good fatigue strength. The alloy cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Its strength can only be increased through cold-pressing.


The main features of 5 series aluminum alloy are:

· Low density

· High tensile strength

· High elongation.

The weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series under the same category. The 5 series aluminum extrusion alloy has a number of day-to-day applications in our daily lives. It is used in lawnmowers as well as body amours. In aviation, this extrusion profile is used to make aircraft fuel tanks. It is also widely used in conventional industries. The processing technology of 5 series aluminum alloy consists of continuous casting and rolling. It belongs to the hot-rolled aluminum alloy series, so it can be oxidized by deep processing.


The aluminum alloy has many product advantages over its competitors:

· The production technology is sophisticated resulting in an advanced equipment. The main production equipment and testing equipment are imported from abroad to ensure better quality.

· Goldapple products have high precision and strength. They also offer resistance to corrosion and wear.

· The technical center (central laboratory) has been assessed as the Qinghai Engineering Technology Center. It is not only capable of analyzing the chemical composition of the aluminum alloy tube and rod production, metallurgical structure inspection, and mechanical property testing, but it can meet the needs of new product and new process development.


Gold Apple's 5 series aluminum alloy series has acquired various certificates to prove quality:

· Weaponry equipment research and production license

· National industrial production license

· Quality management system certification

· Environmental management system certification

· Occupational health and safety management system certification


Shipment of the 5 series aluminum alloy products is done in Standard loading quantity:

1*20GP:Max .length:5.85 meters Loaded quantity: 10 to 12 tons

1*40HQ: Max. length:12 meters Loaded quantity: 22-26 tons

The Standard export port for the product is Huangpu/ Foshan or Shenzhen and it is facilitated by mode of shipping i.e shipment by sea, road and by train.

According to the reports, the global aluminum extrusion market can see a rapid growth at a rate of approximately 7 per cent between 2015 and 2020 and Gold Apple is committed to meet the market demand with high-quality products.






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