China Industrial Aluminum Profile Manufacturers

China aluminum products exports once again become the American industry “deep hatred”, according to Reuters, the American industrial aluminum profile representatives are in talks with the EU trade, and sent a letter to British Prime Minister Teresa May, urged the joint action to deal with the “China provide high illegal subsidies to the industry”, said subsidies threaten the their jobs. China’s aluminum industry has been the focus of the American aluminum industry targets. Since the late Obama administration, the U.S. government has repeatedly launched a trade investigation to China aluminum industry, including the United States to WTO (DS519) about Chinese primary aluminum producer subsidy cases, the United States of aluminum industry 332 survey, 232 survey of imported aluminum products worldwide and, the countervailing investigation of China aluminum foil products anti-dumping etc..
When China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), aluminum production accounted for only slightly more than 10% in the world. Nowadays, China has become a global leader in the aluminum industry, and its output accounts for more than half of the global total. China Hongqiao surpassed Rusal as the world’s largest aluminum producer. Some Chinese aluminum profiles manufacturers such as Chinese Zhong Wang has been suffered selling in international market, market speculation is largely due to the rapid development of Chinese aluminum enterprises threaten the leading position of global market of Europe and the U.S. At the same time, demands shrank of aluminum industry in the United States and Europe.
Actually, the production efficiency of China’s aluminum manufacturers is obviously higher than that of foreign counterparts. The goods are of low cost and good quality. They are welcomed by importers from all over the world. Because of this, China’s aluminum industry in the international market suffered trade friction is also the largest than other non-ferrous metals industry. As China’s aluminum enterprises to adjust product structure and vigorously upgrade skill and technology, at the same time, actively explore the domestic market and emerging markets, I believe that China’s aluminum enterprises still have a lot of room for developing.