Creative DIY Projects Using 100mm Aluminium Tubes


Step into the realm of boundless creativity where 100mm aluminium tubes transform into architectural marvels and practical wonders. These unassuming cylindrical marvels are ripe for reinvention, inviting you to unleash your imagination and embark on extraordinary DIY projects.

Ingenious Lighting Fixtures:

Harness the malleable nature of aluminium tubes to create captivating lighting fixtures. Bend them into sleek curves to form a modern chandelier, or arrange them in geometric patterns for a stunning wall sconce. The reflective surface of the tubes amplifies light, illuminating spaces with an ethereal glow.

Versatile Furniture:

Elevate your home decor with furniture crafted from aluminium tubes. Weld them together to build a minimalist coffee table, or interweave them to create an intricate side chair. The tubes’ strength and durability ensure longevity, while their sleek aesthetic complements any interior style.

Industrial-Chic Planters:

Bring a touch of industrial charm to your abode with planters made from aluminium tubes. Cut them to desired lengths and arrange them vertically or horizontally, creating a vertical garden or a unique display for your favourite plants. The tubes’ neutral finish blends seamlessly into any setting.

Space-Saving Storage:

Maximize space and declutter your home with storage solutions made from aluminium tubes. Build a wall-mounted shelf by suspending tubes from a wooden plank, or create a sleek filing system by cutting them into equal lengths and attaching them to a base. Their sleek design keeps your belongings organized and accessible.

Creative Artwork:

Transform aluminium tubes into abstract sculptures or intricate wall art. Experiment with bending, twisting, and welding them into imaginative shapes. Paint them in vibrant hues to create vibrant focal points that add a touch of personality to any room.


The versatility of 100mm aluminium tubes knows no bounds. Whether you’re seeking to illuminate your space with captivating lighting, enhance your home decor with functional furniture, or add a touch of industrial flair with unique planters and storage solutions, these cylindrical marvels are the perfect foundation for unleashing your creativity. Embrace the limitless possibilities and transform your living space into a testament to your ingenuity.