DIY Projects- Building Your Own Aluminium Cabinet Profiles

Elevate Your Home with Custom-Crafted Aluminium Cabinets

Aluminium cabinets, with their sleek lines and unparalleled durability, have become a luxurious addition to contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. However, the steep cost of purchasing ready-made aluminium cabinets can dampen the enthusiasm of DIY enthusiasts. But what if we told you that you could craft your own bespoke aluminium cabinet profiles with minimal effort and a touch of ingenuity?

Embark on an exciting DIY journey and transform your living space with the elegance and functionality of aluminium cabinets. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps, empowering you to build your own aluminium cabinet profiles that seamlessly complement your unique style and décor.

Materials and Tools

Aluminium extrusions (various shapes and sizes)

Miter saw or circular saw

Tape measure and pencil


Drill and drill bits

Screws or bolts

Aluminium adhesive

Step-by-Step Process

1. Plan and Design: Determine the size and layout of your cabinets. Consider the space available and the storage needs.

2. Acquire Aluminium Extrusions: Purchase aluminium extrusions from a hardware store or online retailer. Choose suitable profiles for the cabinet frames, doors, and shelves.

3. Cut the Profiles to Size: Measure and mark the aluminium extrusions to the desired lengths. Cut them using a miter saw or circular saw. Ensure precise cuts for a perfect fit.

4. Assemble the Frames: Join the aluminium profiles to form the cabinet frames. Use screws or bolts to secure the connections. Level the frames to ensure stability.

5. Install Shelves and Doors: Cut aluminium extrusions for the shelves and doors. Insert the shelves into the frames and attach them with screws. Create doors by connecting aluminium profiles and installing hinges.

6. Apply Adhesive: Apply aluminium adhesive to the joints to reinforce the connections and prevent rattling. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

Customisation and Enhancements

Colour Variety: Paint or powder-coat the aluminium profiles to match your desired colour scheme.

Unique Finishes: Experiment with different finishes such as brushed, polished, or anodised to achieve a personalised look.

Lighting Integration: Install under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the workspace and enhance the aesthetics.


DIY aluminium cabinet profiles offer an exciting opportunity to create custom-made storage solutions that meet your specific needs and budget. By following these steps and embracing your creativity, you can transform your living space with the elegance and functionality of aluminium cabinetry. Unleash your inner designer and embark on this rewarding DIY project that will elevate your home decor.