Door and window hardware commonly used accessories and the impact factors

Seals are widely used in doors and windows, whether it is the door and window fan and frame, or glass and fan contact parts should be used the seals. Its role can not be ignored. When you buy seal strips for doors and windows at home, pay attention to the strength, resilience, stretchability and surface gloss of the sealant.

Hinges (sliding support) is divided into sliding window, hanging sliding window, as well as casement window. The hinges is usually made of stainless steel 304 material, requiring strict requirements of 316 material. Very few will have 201 material. In the purchase of the hinges, you have to focus on the type of good support, size, slot, and folding thickness and assembling. Now high-level outside the window are required to use sliding support. Aluminum alloy hinge has a stronger ability to undertake, while easy disassembly, opening and closing flexibility and other characteristics, the purchase can be observed when the hinge surface scratches, burrs and other defects, opening and closing is smooth without sound.

Handle, in addition to a very small number of sliding window and door with a lock or crescent lock, the other doors and windows can be used in the handle. Select the handle to pay attention to the handle material, surface treatment process. A good quality of the handle with good material, thick, excellent surface treatment process, feel good and smooth and good coating.

Crescent lock, used for sliding window, is a relatively simple and economical sliding window solution. Crescent lock is divided with about 360 degrees can be rotated, choose around the crescent lock as well, regardless of the left and right crescent lock in the structural design is flawed. Crescent lock purchase should pay attention to open the flexibility and stability of the bottom structure, surface treatment on the smooth, clear water chestnut.

Although the aluminum windows and doors hardware has a strong anti-corrosion, but environment, climate and other factors affect the aluminum doors and windows hardware. The environment is mainly reflected in the air humidity, ambient temperature, air pollution. Aluminum windows and doors hardware exposed to the humid air long-time, to accelerate the corrosion happened. In the hot and humid summer, with the temperature rise will accelerate the corrosion of aluminum windows and doors hardware, while large temperature difference between day and night. The air is filled with PM2.5, sulfide, corrosive media. Acid and alkali substances will be adsorbed on the aluminum windows and doors hardware caused acid corrosion.