Get Aluminum frame profiles for sliding windows from GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP

Aluminium products have become really popular in recent times. Aluminium frame profile is being used in sliding windows and doors.  Not only it is durable, but it is lightweight as well. Aluminium has been used in different industries because of its anti-rust characteristics. These days it is used to make aluminium frame profile that are used in sliding windows and doors. Aluminum frame profile come in different sizes and designs and these are used in residential and commercial buildings.

GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is a company in China that manufactures aluminum frame profiles and other. It is one of the biggest Chinese aluminium profile and extrusion companies because they make different types of Alloy aluminium profiles for different applications. GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is also working as a supplier in more than 50 countries and different regions overseas. The quality of aluminum profile is always ideal as they never compromise on it.

Here we will be looking at the Aluminum frame profile for sliding windows made by this company.

The Aluminum alloy for the window frame is made of architectural profiles. The Aluminum alloy window is great because it looks beautiful, it can be sealed, and have enough strength to last it at least a decade easily. The aluminum frame profiles are mostly used in main entry doors and balcony windows. The purpose of using them is to seal off the doors and windows from weather conditions.

The model number for this aluminum frame profile is AP1-6063. We provide our clients with alloy 6005,6061 6063,6082,6463 and temper T4, T5, or T6 as per their own choice. This product has the following certification. ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO10012. We take a minimum order of 10 tons after confirming the samples. The price for that quantity would be between the US $ 2200 to 3600/Tons. For window & door, its thickness is 0.7mm. The surface of aluminum alloy is polished by oxidation. The window frame is supposedly large and can be used on the inside with a large glass. This way the indoor and outdoor light will brighten your lounge or your living room. Another important thing about Aluminum alloy is easy to extrusion itself and the machining accuracy is high.

Besides our basic aluminium profile production, the company takes custom orders too.

The finish coating on each aluminium frame profile is done by machine. This way every area is equally sprayed with finish coating. For silver anodized aluminum, the company uses standard AA10 microns of anodizing film. It is more than enough to avoid any rust resistance. It is particularly if you scratch it, it won’t leave any marks.

If you buy from our company, you will be getting these advantages.

  • 30 extrusion lines.
  • 2 anodizing lines with each having the maximum profile anodizing length of 7.5 meters.
  • There will be 3 powder coating lines, one vertical and two Horizontals.
  • Max coating length would be 12 meters whereas annual capacity around 100,000tons.