Gold Polishing Aluminum Round Tubes by Gold Apple Aluminum

Goldapple is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing various kinds of top-grade Gold aluminum round tube manufacturer and supplier based in Guangxi, China.

Aluminum tubing can be seen across an extensive range of industrial usage. It can be found in modern high-tech industries like aviation and commercial industries such as healthcare, recreational products and parts of machinery. At Gold Apple, as a premium aluminum tube manufacturer and supplier, we regard aluminum very highly for its durability despite being only one third the weight of steel. It makes it more fuel-efficient. We understand that due to this versatile mix of characteristics like strength and flexibility, many industrial and commercial applications can benefit from efficient use of aluminum tubing.


What is polishing?

Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. The goal is to obtain bright, smooth surface processing methods. The utility model utilizes the flexible polishing tool and the abrasive particle or another polishing medium to finish the modification of the surface of the workpiece.

Sorted by treatment, polishing can be divided into three groups or categories:


Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is the selective autolysis of aluminum and aluminum alloy in acidic or alkaline electrolyte to make the surface smooth and lower than the surface roughness. The polishing method is simple and does not require any power supply. There is no limit to the external dimensions of polished parts. Fast polishing speed and low processing cost. The purity of aluminum and aluminum alloys has great influence on the quality of chemical polishing. The higher the purity, the better the polishing quality


Mechanical polishing

Aluminum has several unique physical properties such as good specific strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity, nonmagnetic behavior and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Mechanical polishing is used to achieve a specific grade of highly lustrous surface finish (i.e. light or heat reflector).


There are several benefits of Mechanical Polishing Aluminum such as:

·Improved surface finish

·Reduced product adhesion

·Improved surface cleanability

·Improved aesthetic appeal

·Produce reflective surfaces


Chemical mechanical polishing(CMP) also known as mirror polishing.

Chemical-mechanical polishing or planarization is a process that combines chemical and mechanical forces to smooth surfaces. It can be thought of as a mixture of chemical etching and free abrasive polishing.

The process using abrasive and corrosive chemical grout (usually a colloid) combined with polishing pad and keeps the ring, usually larger than the diameter of the wafer. The grinding pad and wafer are pressed together by a dynamic polishing head and held together by a plastic retaining ring.


There are several usages of polished aluminum tubes like Kitchen cabinets, Furniture Floor, Shower room and other decorative materials.


Functions of polished aluminum tubes include:

1.Smooth and shining surface. Excellent material for smooth and subtle edges and elegant appearance.

2.Polished aluminum tubes are highly resistant to corrosion and weather. It also has high wear and tear resistance.