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How do Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers Develop in the Situation of Aluminium Oversupply

  • Goldapple
  • 2017/11/09
  • 200

As one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP also has been influenced by Aluminium oversupply situation. How could Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers Develop in this situation? This is big question for Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers to face with. Shanghai aluminum in the area at the bottom of the shock, the price may still be in the costs and the inventory is expected to decline in the current price near the strong run, but can rise further depends on the inventory in the heating season and the original rate of decline


Short term aluminum prices are still not optimistic, but the overall rise is difficult to fall. LME aluminum prices in the sub city closed after a strong shock of $2169, then prices plummeted to 2130 U.S. dollars, closing at 2135 U.S. dollars, down 14 U.S. dollars, down 0.65%. Shanghai aluminum main 1712 contract separation


After the night opened, 16325 yuan gap was recovered, and then the price shock fell to 16145 yuan to maintain a narrow range of shocks, closing to close at 16180 yuan, down 75 yuan, down 0.46%. Technically, the main Shanghai aluminum KDJ MACD, MACD Sicha, prices again fell below the 60 day moving average, short-term trend is still partial empty, with interval oscillation as the main concern of the lower integer mark 16000 yuan support.



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