In the first 5 months of this year, Guinea has become China’s largest source of bauxite imports


Since the beginning of this year, imports of bauxite in China began the rapid growth of imports, according to customs data show that in May 2017 China’s bauxite imports 5 million 668 thousand tons, an increase of 47.79%, an increase of 1.5%, to a two-year high.

In the first 5 months of 2017, China imported 25 million 170 thousand tons of bauxite, an increase of 16.25% over the same period.

The recent development of import market is good, with the exception of Brazil bauxite imports significantly reduced, Guinea, Australia bauxite imports remained stable, Malaysia, India imports reached a new high this year, Garner, Solomon, Montenegro, Vietnam to maintain the volume of ships. In addition, following the April first ship shore China bauxite in Sierra Leone, China in May and received the first ship in Jamaica bauxite mine, the size of the continuous and stable supply today, there are still other countries into Chinese bauxite.

According to statistics, in May, Guinea imports fell to 2 million 266 thousand tons, an increase of 131.06%, a decrease of 3.01%, and continue to lead Australia 1 million 920 thousand tons of imports, ranking first in the import market.

In 2017 1-5 months, China imported 9 million 440 thousand tons of bauxite in Guinea, an increase of 164.54%. In accordance with the level of measurement, this year China’s imports of bauxite from Guinea is expected to reach 30 million tons.

Australia imports stabilized to 1 million 920 thousand tons, an increase of 11.55%, an increase of 33.29%. The first 5 months, China imported 9 million 260 thousand tons of Australian ore, an increase of 18.07%, the total has been lower than Guinea, ranked second.

The coverage of China’s imports of bauxite markets throughout the world, in addition to the traditional stable supply of foreign countries, continue to have a new supply of bauxite, including last month this month in Sierra Leone and Jamaica, with Chinese enterprises foreign investment development and global development of bauxite mining, the future of China’s imports of bauxite Market with a bright future. In addition, according to the market situation, it is estimated that China’s imports of bauxite supply market still has great potential.