Liu crane in response to “why China has repeatedly stressed to expand imports”

CCTV reporter crown: liu’s deputy prime minister, why China has repeatedly stressed to expand imports, expand the pace of reform and opening to the outside?


Xi jinping, chairman of the special envoy, vice premier liu crane: “our economy is shifting to the development of high quality.In this context, we need to expand the domestic market, actively expand import, to meet the needs of the people, and economic domestic needs and the needs of the development of the whole country.We by expanding the market, expanding and opening up, promote the domestic reform, and promote the development of economy.Promoting the reform to open, promoting development is we have a very important strategy.Our success in the past 40 years, our future will continue to work hard along the way.Export (to China), or want to make Chinese imports as aluminium pipe manufacturers, you get a certain market share in this market, you have to cheer the Chinese people themselves.If Chinese people don’t buy, you no matter what kind of demand that are of no use.Two countries in the process of development will inevitably produce some new understanding of the different, and even the emergence of a new twists and turns, so you also don’t be surprised for such a thing.”