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  • Goldapple
  • 2018/01/26
  • 200

Light reflections of urban glass curtain wall will have serious visual impact on people, especially drivers, and will also cause serious reflective damage to the surrounding environment. How to deal with this phenomenon? The followings are to explain how to reduce light reflection pollution of city glass curtain wall in a detailed solution strategy.


1, the curtain wall glass should avoid the choice of mirror glass

In order to prevent the influence of traffic light near the glass curtain wall next to the road, it is not recommended to choose the mirror glass for the exterior wall of the glass curtain wall.

2, do not use curved glass curtain wall

Reflective concave surface of the curved aluminium heat sink of the light, the temperature is high, easily lead to a fire; convex surface of the curtain wall is easy to form a light reflection phenomenon, thus should avoid using curved curtain wall in this case.

3, the selection of low glare performance of the special curtain wall glass

Glass plays an important role in the LED curtain wall, so purchasing of curtain wall glass should be based on a variety of parameters to choose a low glare special glass. As we all know, glass has the characteristics of absorption, reflection and transmission of light to the outside world. Therefore, the glass curtain wall integrates this feature to purchase different types of glass when making glass curtain wall construction. The glass used in the curtain wall is usually divided into colored glass, transparent glass, chemical glass, laminated glass, heat-absorbing glass, coated glass and coated glass.

4, Using of low reflection glass curtain to avoid light pollution

PET polyester film is firm and tough, and contains special viscose, while the glass curtain wall surface glass paste, can reduce the direct sunlight of more than 50 percent, at the same time can play to absorb harmful spectra, energy-saving insulation, tune the role of spectral video, can create a soft and comfortable indoor environment, can greatly reduce the reflected light intensity outdoor, to avoid light pollution.



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