Steel radiator advantages:

1, The cooling effect of steel radiator is much better than the traditional cast iron radiator.

2, For some favorable new steel, the quality is much more stable than the traditional cast iron radiator. Compressive ability is high, easy for installation and maintenance, the cost is more moderate, widely used at home and abroad.

3, The new steel radiator can have many additional features, such as the use of shaped radiator can do the house in the screen, guardrail, seat and staircase handrail. If with a variety of accessories, it can also be used as a bathroom towel rack and clothing hook.

Steel radiator disadvantages:

Steel radiator itself does not have anti-corrosion effect, so it is easier to be oxidation. Many manufacturers have made a preservative treatment on the radiator, but the anti-corrosion technology is much different. So it is necessary to choose steel radiator with quality assurance of the manufacturers.

Aluminum radiator advantages:

The anti-corrosive aluminum radiator is made of high-quality aluminum, which is made by the international aluminium extrusion suppliers. The water storage capacity is large, the thermal efficiency is high, and the energy saving and environmental protection are highly efficient and energy-saving. Aluminum Alloy Airfoil Radiator: Adopting thick-walled cylindrical water receiving, aluminum wing radiating, with high pressure bearing capacity. Light weight, small footprint, compact, refined, easy to install. Double wing cooling, high thermal efficiency. Medial by the anti-corrosion treatment, growth for life, more widely used.

Aluminum radiator disadvantages:

The weakness of the aluminum radiator is afraid of alkaline water corrosion, which is due to its metallic properties, so the use conditions of aluminum alloy radiator is: pH value = 5-8 neutral weak alkaline water.