Pingguo-One of The Best Aluminum Profile Manufacturer In China

Aluminium profile use has been on the rise presently due to its enormous benefits. |While its not bulky and heavy like steel, it has been formed and extruded to having huge strength as that of steel. A light weight nature has been a key selling point of aluminium profiles, which are presently being used in every sector and mainly in the construction sector. While there are many aluminium profile manufacturer, few have the experience, knowledge, and technology to produce excellent, quality products.

GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP hails as top aluminum profile manufacturers in china, who have specialties in a variety of powder-spraying aluminum profiles, as well as, Chinese aluminum extrusions.


While there are many reasons for choosing any other company for the supply of aluminum profiles, here are the reasons why you should choose choose GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP as your top aluminum profile manufacturer.


Get your product from the experts. With over 20 years of experience, GOLDAPPLE are among the top and the best experienced aluminum profile manufacturers. Through the years, they have incorporated top of the range personnel inluding engineers and workers, who have always driven the company on an upward trend, with innovation at the forefront of the company. Additionally, regular training including workshops has ensured that our employees are up to date with every current events in the sector.

Quality products

The quality of our products is uparralled and constant, having collaborated and relied on China Aluminum Guangxi for supply of the best quality Guangxi bauxite resource. This is china’s most deposited resource. As such, this assures you of a stable product quality all through.

On the other hand, a company rich in export experience, as well as, the best equipment in aluminium profile extrusions, works towards excellent products. We have a strict quality management team, who are keen in what they do, with an all QC concept approach.

Excellent service

Communication and link to the customer is key to provision of quality products as well as, timely delivery. A high qualified team of sales people at GOLDAPPLE, are a precursor towards its success. They will easily link you up with the product of your choice, in respect to your preferences. Additionally, having incorporated an professional service concept, they have continually acted in quick response to every request.


GOLDAPPLE have been in the business for so long and have thus employed the use of lean management in working towards reduction of unnecessary costs in the production process. On the other hand, strategic collaboration with suppliers of materials has helped in having discounts on raw materials, which consequently affects the final product price. Over the 20 years, we have learned that innovation is key to efficiency thus is our key pillar, coupled with inheriting an advanced production technology.
For any aluminium profile products, we are the best at what we make. Whether its for your  door or for windows, curtain wall, for decoration and industrial use, choose top aluminum profile manufacturers, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP We will make every order our priority.