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Precautions for the use of aluminum test and measurement tools

  • 2018/02/08
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Aluminum temperature measurement


Directly measured in the aluminum surface temperature measurement is not allowed, mainly with the material and surface structure. To test the relative accuracy of the need to apply a layer of material on the surface, or stick a layer of rough surface, low reflectivity materials, such as sticky layer of paper tape. Portable infrared thermometer measured aluminum bad shape, temperature fluctuations, if it is static aluminum, aluminum profiles can be measured and then measure the paint surface temperature. If it is exercise, can not measure. It is recommended to use a fixed infrared thermometer, the temperature range of 200 -800 . Or surface pyrometer aluminum temperature measurement.

Aluminum hardness measurement method:

WebsterB type hardness tester (clamp type hardness tester) produced by the United States for the measurement of a variety of aluminum alloy materials (including aluminum, aluminum and aluminum) hardness, measurement process No damage to the workpiece, and do not have to take samples, especially for the production site, the sales site or the construction site for rapid product testing. Webster hardness tester in the early eighties along with the aluminum production line was introduced into our country. This durometer has been used in China for more than 20 years and its measurement results have been widely recognized in all aspects. WebsterB Webster Hardness Stable performance, small deviation, low failure rate. In addition to its use in the production site as a general quality inspection equipment, but also can be used as the basis of the factory measurement instruments.

In the production of aluminium extrusion suppliers, measuring tools for the inspectors as the hands of the weapon. If the weapon is in a state of paralysis or damage, the result of the test is meaningless and the quality of the product is not supervised and controlled. Therefore, measuring the maintenance and care is very important. Here are some measuring tools maintenance specifications (for common testing tools):

1.The gage storage location should be kept clean, dry, non-vibration, non-corrosive gases, and away from the temperature range of a large area or a magnetic field. Gauge box stored measuring tools to be clean and dry, are not allowed to store other debris.

2. After using the measuring tool, it is necessary to clean the surface stains, aluminum scrap, loosen the fastening device, when the long-term (1 month or more) when not in the measuring surface to be coated with anti-rust oil. Gauge when not in use, to be placed in the protection box, the best full-time use of special staff, and do a good job measuring instruments examined by the authority of the annual record.

3. Do not use whetstone, emery cloth surface and measuring surface wiping and engraved part of the line, non-metrology maintenance personnel, non-disassembly, modification and unauthorized repair gauge.

4. When the workpiece surface burr, be sure to go to the net burr, and then measure, otherwise it will make measuring tool wear and tear, and will also affect the accuracy of measurement results.

5. Do not touch the measuring surface of the measuring instrument, because the hands of sweat and other damp dirt will pollute the measuring surface, making it rusty. Do not measure with other tools, and metal substances together to avoid bumps gauge.

6. Do not use the caliper of the claw tip as a scribe, compass or other tools, are not allowed to manually twist the two jaws or the gauge when used as a pallets.




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