Quality Assurance in Mivan Aluminium Formwork Manufacturing and Installation

Mivan aluminium formwork is a revolutionary technology in the construction industry, offering numerous advantages over traditional formwork methods. The use of Mivan aluminium formwork requires stringent quality assurance measures to ensure the durability, safety, and efficiency of the final structure. This article delves into the critical aspects of quality assurance in Mivan aluminium formwork manufacturing and installation.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

1. Material Inspection and Testing: The quality of raw materials is crucial. Manufacturers must conduct thorough inspections and tests to ensure the aluminium alloy used meets the required specifications for strength, thickness, and corrosion resistance.

2. Production Process Control: The manufacturing process involves complex steps, such as extrusion, welding, and assembly. Detailed process control plans must be implemented to maintain consistent quality and precision throughout each stage.

3. Dimensional Accuracy: Mivan formwork components are designed with precise dimensions. Adherence to tolerances is vital to ensure proper fit and alignment, as well as the structural integrity of the final concrete structure.

Installation Quality Assurance

1. Site Preparation: The site must be adequately prepared to receive Mivan formwork. Proper ground leveling, foundation installation, and drainage systems are essential for a stable and secure installation.

2. Panel Installation: Each formwork panel must be correctly installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. This involves aligning panels accurately, securing them with bolts and clamps, and ensuring tight joints to prevent concrete leakage.

3. Support System Verification: The formwork support system, including towers, props, and walers, must be thoroughly checked to ensure proper load-bearing capacity and stability.

Inspection and Testing

1. Pre-Pour Inspection: Before concrete placement, a thorough inspection of the formwork system must be conducted. This includes verifying the accuracy of panel dimensions, tightness of joints, and stability of the support system.

2. In-Pour Monitoring: During concrete placement, continuous monitoring is required to detect any potential issues promptly. This includes checking for formwork deformation, concrete segregation, and leaks.

3. Post-Pour Inspection: After concrete curing, the formwork must be removed carefully without damaging the concrete structure. A post-pour inspection should be conducted to ensure the concrete surface finish meets specifications.


Quality assurance in Mivan aluminium formwork manufacturing and installation is a multi-faceted process that encompasses material quality, manufacturing precision, installation accuracy, and rigorous inspection and testing. By adhering to these measures, contractors and manufacturers can ensure the durability, safety, and efficiency of Mivan aluminium formwork systems, leading to superior construction outcomes.