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Seal the deal with our exceptional Aluminum profile supplies

  • goldapple
  • 2021/03/25
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With our decades of experience, we provide our customers with one of the top Aluminum profile supplies across the globe. We are making use of advanced ways of technology and these include tens of national patented technologies to meet the higher standards of Aluminum supplies. Moreover, we upgraded our managing system of production. We intend to bring changes in our management to ensure the regulation of our products and services so that the overall functionality of our aluminum profile supplier remains sound and smooth. Our company GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is an aluminum extrusion supplier specialized in manufacturing various kinds of high-end powder-spraying aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusions, which is located in the scenery-picturesque Pingguo County, Baise City, Guangxi Autonomous Region. Our aluminum profile supplies have reached an annual output of more than 1000,000 tons.  Our company is an acknowledged aluminum profile supplier not only in China, but all across the globe.

Due to our arduous efforts, we have become Chinas top Aluminum profile supplier production base. We were able to bring out a huge erosion-resistant Latin ad aluminum profile. As we have teamed up with various research institutions and the core notion in our manufacturing process is relying on scientific methods to bring innovations for our production methodology.

Our aluminum profile supplier chain makes use of the electrophoresis coating in our manufacturing process. It is usually dipped in water with a very low viscosity. Highly flexible and makes use of surface coating primarily for diversified shapes. Such meticulous electrophoresis coating not only makes the product flexible enough to fit into a certain position but also reduces tough labor input. Supplies with the electrophoresis coating are highly pertinent to pipeline operations on a big scale.

Through electrophoresis bath coating ions on the surface are neutralized which results in the neutral wet paint film. This wet film turns resistance ultimately makes paint particles much smaller in size. This cautious process results in aluminum supplies with a high-quality coat.  Aluminum profile supplies are processed with adhering to high-quality standards. We ensure our coating is fine and uniform. To achieve this our aluminum profile supplies are rectified with low viscosity and unfiltered technology. Although this results in less paint on the coating, but offers a higher recovery rate of the paint itself.

Our enterprise specializes in manufacturing aluminum profile suppliers. We offer an extensive range by going through some basic stages. They are subjected to mill finish, oxygenation, electrophoresis, polishing, powder spraying, PVDF, wet painting, wood grain transfer, thermal break, and insulation. These-process takes place by making use of the latest technological methods to ensure efficaciousness. As soon as the product goes through these manufacturing stages then it is later sold to four manufacturers from four different fields door, window, decoration, and industrial uses.



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