Seasonal tired library Shanghai aluminum prices

In the seasonal weak consumption and suppressed by high inventories, the recent prices maintain weak adjustment pattern as a whole.As the Spring Festival approaching, Further accumulation in consumption off-season inventory, as well as new capacity is expected in the future,.These reasons make the prices can not rise before the Spring Festival.


Seasonal inventory tired library

On January 22nd, the national consumer society inventory increased 17000 tons to 1743000 tons again, the overall social inventory still remain at historically high levels.As the Spring Festival is approaching, the downstream processing enterprises to vacation starting in late January, seasonal demand off-season will be further reflected, inventory accumulation pressure will show itself.

Compared to the past few years the domestic social movements of inventory, can find seasonal tired library law significantly before and after the Spring Festival.Considering the current domestic amount of day more than 1.7 million tons of inventory, further aluminium extrusion suppliers will significantly suppressed short-term price, is expected by the middle of march, domestic social inventory will record highs in 2.1 million – 2.3 million tons.