Shanghai aluminum rebound strongly on basis of Gorvernment Policy


Recently, Shanghai aluminum futures hit a strong rebound at the bottom, the main 1711 contract to return 16000 yuan / ton above, led the non-ferrous metal plate. In addition, A shares two markets, and aluminum related stocks also extraordinary performance. Analysts said that the implementation of environmental policies and the upcoming heating season, environmental expectations, both constitute a certain support prices. With the gradual emergence of the effect of production, inventory is expected to gradually reduce with demand. At present, Shanghai and aluminum as a whole to maintain a long line of thinking, if there is a callback may be more than one layout

Yesterday, Shanghai aluminum 1711 contract reproduction strong, 1711 contract hit 16645 yuan / ton, the end of the disk to close at 16610 yuan / ton, up 510 yuan, or 3.17%.

A shares in the two market, and aluminum related stocks also extraordinary performance. As of yesterday’s close, often aluminum shares, Yunlvgufen, Jiaozuo Wanfang, Nanshan aluminum rose respectively 10.04%, 5%, 4.25%, 3.92%.

Huatai Group Metals Futures Research Institute researcher Ji Yuanfei said recently, aluminum prices dropped and implemented in the inventory of industrial enterprises in Henan in autumn and winter peak production plan (Draft) to stimulate the continued high.

On the news, “Henan province 2017-2018 years in autumn and winter industrial enterprises managing the production implementation plan (Draft)” recently released the program specified peak time is from November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018, 13 were more than 30% production of electrolytic aluminum plant, cell volume, the on-site inspection checks to verify. 11 alumina enterprises were limited production of more than 30%, to the production line, on-site supervision, spot checks and verification.

Inventory, domestic stock exchange receipts continued to increase, the domestic spot stock continued to rise sharply, but LME stocks fell again. Data show that in September 11th, the aluminum increased by 8477 tons to 463088 tons, and LME aluminum stocks decreased by 1450 tons to 1320050 tons.