The Best Aluminum Extrusion from the best Suppliers Globally

Aluminum extrusions are key whenever it comes to all construction needs. With the high specialization from GOLDAPPLE in manufacturing high-grade aluminum profiles, you are sure that to get the best aluminum extrusions that will be perfect for all construction needs.


To ensure that they are the best aluminum extrusion suppliers globally, GOLDAPPLE ensures that its manufactured aluminum extrusion undergo several processes which ensure that the quality of the extrusions is at par.


Some of the several processes undertaken by GOLDAPPLE for standards of quality include the following those of powder coating, electrophoresis, electroplating and many other process. As a result of this, they ensure that the aluminum extrusion remain of high-end quality in terms of being;


  • Anti-Corrosion – This is one of the best feature that makes GOLDAPPLE to be the best aluminum extrusion supplier globally. Its quality aluminum extrusions are contain the anti-corrosion feature which enhances the durability of the aluminum extrusion. These aluminum extrusions will always counter any wear and tear on the extrusions.


  • Strong Adhesion – To ensure the aluminum extrusion remain strong, a strong adhesion is applied which make the aluminum extrusion to remain intact even on heavy duty constructions. Therefore, you can


  • Weather Resistant – Whenever you purchase an aluminum extrusion, you must consider whether it can be used on all weathers. This is so as most of these extrusions will be prone to different weathers. GOLDAPPLE has its extrusions fully weather resistant hence giving you an assurance of the best quality on the extrusions you receive.


  • Automatic Cleaning – The maintenance of these aluminum extrusions is quite easy in consideration that it has an automatic cleaning feature with its smooth surface which doesn’t require cleaning.


The use of the aluminum extrusions is mainly common in doors and windows for both commercial and residential buildings. The main reason as to why these aluminum extrusions are used is due to their lightweight feature. The aluminum material weighs much lower compared to most metals such as steel, iron and brass.


Therefore, as it is used in constructions area, the aluminum extrusions will be easy to work on following their lightweight. In addition to this, the aluminum extrusions are highly attractive with their elegant and shiny color which is suitable for both commercial and residential constructions. Not only this, but there are many other physical characteristics from the use of the aluminum extrusions which make it better for constructions on different aluminum profiles than the use of other metal materials.


Types of Aluminum Extrusions


GOLDAPPLE will give you exactly what you need. First and foremost, they have you in their mind whenever they do their productions. However, to ensure that you are fully satisfied, they will ask to have a clearly description on what you expect.


This will be mainly on the case where you need customized aluminum extrusions. Nevertheless, there is a huge variety of aluminum extrusions you can choose from in GOLDAPPLE considering that they produce all different types of aluminum extrusions.


Some of the several types of aluminum extrusions you receive from GOLDAPPLE include the following;


  • Aluminum Window Profiles


  • Aluminum Door Profiles


  • Curtain Wall materials


  • Decoration Materials


  • Industrial Materials


  • Kitchen cabinet materials


  • LED aluminum extrusion profile


  • Aluminum partition profiles