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The Best White Powder Coated Aluminium for Extra Duty Tasks

  • 2021/07/13
  • 200

There is nothing as good as an assurance of having all that you need at a glance. Well, it is quite hectic to find a company that you can trust your construction needs on. Nevertheless, GOLDAPPLE gives you an assurance of receiving the best white powder coated aluminium extrusion.

This is from their 20 years’ experience in manufacturing aluminum extrusions. With this, therefore, they have been able to know what customers exactly need and have been able to adjust their aluminum extrusions to be able to fit the needs and preferences in the market. Here is a short review of the best white powder coated aluminium extrusion you receive from GOLDAPPLE hence making it one of the best aluminum extrusion suppliers globally.

Quality Assurance

Before you make any purchase on any product, you need to ensure that you first know exactly what you are receiving. This is both on the quality as well as the durability of the product you are purchasing.

From GOLDAPPLE, you are assured of receiving quality product that will never disappoint you whenever it comes on their durability. As a result of this, you can trust them on having a long-lasting service for your use.

GOLDAPPLE first has a high experience which is more than 20 years’ in the production industry of the aluminum extrusion. This gives them a better leeway of being the best as they well understand the market, its needs, preferences and what doesn’t work well.

Secondly, they contain a strong and strict quality management on their ISO administration system. This is one of the reasons as to why all the aluminum extrusions from GOLDAPPLE have ISO certification including the ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and ISO 10012. This then gives you an assurance of receiving the best quality standards which meet all the standards set. They not only use China set of standards set but use different countries set standards to ensure that their aluminum extrusions can be used on different countries and making exportation much easier.

Lastly, GOLDAPPLE offer 24/7 customer support with their amazing professionalism, and flexibility in handling their customers. They have customers in their mind hence you will have no stressing moments whenever you need support from the company regarding their products.

Features of the White Powder Coated Aluminium

Some of the benefits you enjoy from the use of the GOLDAPPLE white powder coated aluminum extrusions include the following;


  • 3 Powder Coating Lines – These ensures that the powder coating on the aluminum extrusions are highly durable hence last for a very long period of time on all whether.
  • 2 Anodizing Lines – This ensures that the best quality on coating of the aluminum extrusion is done through which they give a maximum anodizing length of 7.5 meters.


Product Specs


  • The brand name for this product is the Gold Apple
  • The model of the product is AP34-6063
  • It uses the aluminum material of temper T3-T8 which is of grade 6000 series
  • The minimum order quantity is usually 10tons which is after you have confirmed the samples you are provided with.


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