The effects of green taxes for the enterprise

According to the voice of the economy, the world of finance and economics newspaper from January 1st, direct discharge into the environment of gas, water, solid and noise, need pay green taxes, is expected to levy amount could reach $50 billion a year.Green taxes collected is guide the enterprise green transition inevitably, but the impact on the enterprise also exist objectively.Enterprise: green taxes increased costs.

It is understood that after the atmospheric pollution tax, aluminium heat sink discharge cost will increase more than three times.The difference between tax rates on selection of the enterprise.


Promote enterprises to reduce emissions of purpose is reflected on the reduction rules of green taxes, such as: enterprise if pollution emissions substantially below standard emission concentration, can enjoy the green taxes reduction by 25% and 50%.Difference between tax rate of enterprise selection, differentiation, high pollution and low can enterprise will be squeezed out, and highly efficient, low pollution enterprises benefit from it.