The introduction for kinds of folding door


There are many kinds of folding doors made by aluminum section manufacturer on the market today. Commonly used are the heavy and light types. There are manual and electric points. There are also many different models and wall thicknesses. From 1.2 to 3.0, colors are varied and there are spray paintings. , There are wood, but also fluorocarbon. When choosing folding doors, we must choose according to the actual needs and the existing decoration style.

So how do we get a better decoration effect? Choosing a folding door style that is more compatible with your own style of decoration is the most appropriate, and the color must also be matched with the right one, not too abrupt or tacky, so that the use of folding doors can be made easier and more effective. it is good.

Folding door material

Aluminum alloy folding door is a kind of horizontal movement using the upper and lower track, multi-folding, pushing to the side, composed of aluminum alloy profiles, glass doors, transmission components, arm components, transmission rods and orientation devices.

Aluminum alloy folding door features

Long service life, heat insulation, moisture, noise, corrosion resistance, good gloss, strong sealing, lightweight and anti-bending aluminum alloy profiles with excellent physical properties; and easy to use, push and pull freely, effective savings Space, high lighting, beautiful appearance, diverse colors, does not contain any harmful substances, in line with China’s environmental protection requirements and other advantages.

The aluminum alloy folding door leaf is mainly made of glass, and the glass folding door makes the interior more transparent and opens sight.

The style of glass can be used to decorate the door with different patterns on the folding door according to the user’s different preferences. The commonly used decorative techniques include: grid strips, sandwiches, ice sculptures, car sculpts, and floral patterns, adding a touch of simple color to the pure glass door. 

Aluminum alloy folding door application range

Because of its light material, easy installation, free from space restrictions, suitable for all kinds of space, especially the living room door, garage door, storefront door and so on.

Aluminum alloy folding door to buy

Hand rub the door of the door frame, panel, corner, feels no scratch, feel soft and delicate;

Standing on the side of the door to meet the light to see whether the paint surface of the door panel has concave and convex waves, and it is generally flat and has no convex and concave folding doors to be qualified;

Sliding folding doors, when not folded, the lighter the better, but instead of vibrating or jamming when folded, and smooth texture;

The closing of the folding door is completed by a plurality of doors together, in which the hardware accessories play a role in connection, pay attention to the situation of the hardware accessories such as the pulley and the hinge, and relate to the quality of the product.