The production of aluminum extrusion

If there is no unscheduled downtime, the maximum production of aluminum extrusion mainly depends on the speed of extrusion. 
The first factor is the extrusion force of extruder and the extruder which is with big enough extrusion force can be used when the temperature is slow. The friction between the metal and the die wall can make the temperature of aluminum alloy rise by 44- 73. The third factor is the characteristics of squeezed aluminum alloy which is the uncontrollable factor to limit the extrusion speed. The outlet temperature of the aluminum profiles cannot be more than 631. Otherwise, the quality of profile surface will decrease. 
If the extrusion force of the aluminum extrusion  manufacturers is not big enough, it is difficult to extrude smoothly. In this case, the aluminum profile manufacturers can raise the ingot temperature. But at the same time, the extrusion speed should be slower. 
The temperature of extrusion cylinder is very important
 Especially workers should attach importance to the rising temperature in the preheating stage to avoid the excessive thermal stress produced between the layers. It is best to make the container and the bush temperature rise to the same level to work. The heating temperature speed in the preheating stage should not be greater than 53/h.
When the ingot is in the process of being squeezed, the temperature can reach 77 even more. The temperature is mainly determined by the mold design. It should be recorded and kept under the strict control, as to find out the relationship between the maximum yield and the temperature.