The Pros of Using Aluminum Window Profile

Since the past few years, aluminum products have gained much popularity in
different industries. It’s because aluminum has several advantages in
comparison to other materials. Here in this article, we will specially talk
about the sliding windows in
industrial aluminum profile
and its benefits. The aluminum profile companies are well aware of the
importance of aluminum sliding window profile that’s why they sell it
to their customers worldwide. GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is a
leading aluminum profile company in China and deals in a range of aluminum
products. GOLDAPPLE is well-known for its aluminum sliding window
profile powder coated color.

Goldapple has always used a high-quality aluminum profile in the
manufacturing of sliding windows by using a powder-coated surface. Aluminum
profile not just has high-quality but is also light in weight and has the
ability to last several years. You don’t need to look here and there
to buy an aluminum sliding window profile. All you need to do is to contact
Goldapple and get your desired product at quite a reasonable price without
compromising over the quality.

Let’s have a look at some of its main advantages.

The lowest price

As far as the price of the aluminum sliding window profile is concerned, it
is cost-effective. It’s because this product does not have much
versatility and just needs designing for a few components for its
manufacturing. This ultimately decreases fabrication and simplifies
assembly resulting in reducing the overall cost.

Non-corrosive properties

The best thing about the aluminum profile is that it has non-corrosive
properties. It’s because of its natural oxide film that gives
protection against corrosion. So, you don’t need to worry about the
corrosion of your sliding window.

High strength to weight ratio

Aluminum profile is known for its high strength to weight ratio as compared
to steel. You will be amazed to know that aluminum weighs only one-third
the weight of steel. This is the reason the aluminum profile has gained
much fame among industries.

Durable and easy to operate

Aluminum sliding window profile can last for many years in comparison to
other materials. It means you don’t need to worry about replacing
your sliding window if you have selected an aluminum profile. Another best
thing about the aluminum profile sliding window is that it is easy to

Available in a variety of colors

You can get an aluminum sliding window profile in various colors as per the
design and structure of your sliding window. Here at GOLDAPPLE, you
can get this product in a variety of colors i.e. silver, black, and grey,

Other key advantages include:

  • Two anodizing lines having a maximum profile anodizing length of 7.5
  • Total thirty extrusion lines
  • Three powder coating lines. Two horizontal and one vertical
  • Maximum coating length 12 meters, yearly capacity nearly 100,000 tons
  • It comes with ISO 9001, ISO 10012, ISO 14000 certification
  • It can be used for both window and door
  • It has a thickness of more than 0.7mm


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