The thicker aluminum windows and doors profiles

Everyone may have such a consumption idea during the daily consumption that the higher price is and the higher quality is. Customers also think the materials should be solid as possible. The more consumable materials are, the higher price will be and the better quality will be. 
The elements of aluminum windows and doors price
In general, the price of aluminum windows and doors consists of 3 elements: the profiles, the window pattern and the accessories.
The wall thickness of profiles greatly impacts the price of products. They naturally tend to think that if the aluminum profiles are thicker, they will reach even exceed the national standards, so they think the quality is better.
The national standards about the wall thickness of aluminum alloy windows and doors was set according to the requirements of energy conversation and environmental protection, in the case of guarantee the safety and performance of products. It is wrong to think that if the thickness is thicker, the quality is better. Since if the thickness is too thick, it still cannot ensure the air tightness and water tightness is good. It also cannot guarantee the high quality.
The high quality of aluminum profile
If the profiles of a type of products are not rational and the air tightness, it is not a good product even if the wall thickness is N times more than the national standard.
The excessive pursuits for wall thickness of aluminum profiles will not only result in the serious waste of resources, but also cause the rising price. Both of them will lead to the unnecessary economic burden for customers.
The thickness, intensity and oxidation film of the aluminum profiles supplier  used  high quality aluminum windows and doors enterprises will all reach the national standards, such as the relevant specified requirements.