Welcome to the Age of Full Aluminum Furniture

In this age of wisdom, full aluminum furniture that are environmentally friendly, free of form aldehyde,recyclable and value-maintainingare now being widely welcomed, which also create a chance forprocessing enterprises.

Although the production of aluminum lasts only over one hundred years, aluminum has become the second largest metal and the largest non-ferrous metal in production and consumption due to its excellent comprehensive performance. Among 124 industries in our country, 113 of them are related to aluminum. In the whole life cycle of aluminum, its excellent light quality and circulation performance can bring great social and environmental benefits to the whole society.

China is the world’s largest producer of aluminum with more than half of the world’s electrolytic aluminum production and aluminum production. However, the application level of aluminum in China still has a large gap with developed countries. It is fair to say that the application of aluminum in China not only has a solid industrial base and broad consumption prospect, but can also cope with excess capacity of electrolytic aluminum effectively. In recent years, the Nonferrous Metals Industry Association has focused on expanding the application of aluminum, making breakthroughs almost every year. This has achieved significant social effects and considerable economic benefits.

Aluminum Furniture

The amount of aluminum alloy van has increased from about 20 to more than 5,000 in the promotion time, which are now favored by large logistics enterprises such as JD.com and STO Express. The production of aluminum alloy tanker starts from scratch, and the aluminized rate now has reached about 10%. Besides, a large number of alternative steel buses have been replaced by new energy buses of aluminum alloy, and the current total amount has attained more than 20,000. The quantity of building aluminium alloy template has increased from 3% to 16%. In addition, aluminium alloy pedestrian bridges have been employed in many cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, Harbin and Hohhot, and more than 40 have been built in Nanning.

Aluminum furniture are environmentally friendly, flame retardant, moistureproof, nice-looking, durable and recyclable. They can also reduce building load bearing and save precious timber resources. Aluminum furniture industry has a great consumption prospects and large development space. In recent years, with the spread of environmental protection consciousness and the progress of science and technology, many industries are gradually transforming and upgrading in order to seek better development direction and more space.Overall, Aluminum furniture are loved by people with a higher content of science and technology, less resource consumption and environmental pollution.

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