What are the types of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used nonferrous metal structural materials in the industry.


Now, goldapple-alu aluminum extrusion suppliers  talk about one to nine aluminum alloys.Aluminum alloys come in one to nine categories.

Series: 1000 series aluminum alloy represents 1050, 1060 and 1100 series. Of all the series, 1000 series belongs to the one with the most aluminum content. Purity can reach above 99.00%.

Two series: 2000 series aluminum alloy represents 2024, 2A16 (LY16), 2A02 (LY6). Series 2000 aluminum plate is characterized by high hardness, of which the copper content is the highest, about 3-5%.

Three series: 3000 series aluminum alloy represents 3003, 3A21 mainly. China’s 3000 series of an aluminum plate production process is relatively excellent.

Quaternary: 4000 series aluminum bar represents 4A01 4000 series aluminum plate belongs to the series with high silicon content.

Five series: 5000 series aluminum alloy representative 5052, 5005, 5083, 5A05 series. The 5000 series aluminum bar belongs to the commonly used alloy aluminum plate series, the main element is magnesium, and the content of magnesium is between 3-5%. Also known as aluminum magnesium alloy.

 6000-series aluminum alloy represents 6061, which mainly contains magnesium and silicon. Therefore, the advantages of the 4000 series and 5000 series are concentrated. Good serviceability, easy coating, good processing.

Seven series: 7000 series aluminum alloy represents 7075 mainly contains zinc elements. Also belonging to aviation series, it is aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper alloy, heat treatable alloy, super hard aluminum alloy, with good wear resistance, good weldability, but poor corrosion resistance.

8 series: 8011 series of aluminum alloy is more commonly used, which belongs to other series. Most of the applications are aluminum foil.

Nine series: 9000 series aluminum alloy is a standby alloy.