What Benefits Do We Get From Aluminium Formwork?

Building formworkaccounts for a small proportion of construction costs, but it is the most space-saving and cost-effective turnover material. Sometimes, whether the cost offormworkin a building is 50,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan, it is indeed an option.

First of all, starting with aluminium formwork, after all, aluminium formwork is very hot now, and there are many customers who pay attention to it. Thealuminium formwork replaces the traditional formwork, such as square wood and steel bar, which is equivalent to the formwork support system. The product has not appeared in China for a long time. China’s first aluminium mold project in about 2012, until now it has been only developed for 7 years. But the development of aluminum formwork is very fast, now in the domestic construction industry, although only some projects have used aluminium formwork, but basically everyone has heard and known that In order to save time, effort, labor and money, and achieve the purpose of safety and environmental protection, practical beauty, aluminum formwork can satisfy you perfectly, which shows that it does have outstanding functions.




First of all, aluminium formwork can help you save money. Although the unit price of aluminium formwork template is higher per square meter, when it is used in buildings with more than 30 stories on the standard floor or recycled many times, the average cost of aluminium formwork is superior to that of other template technologies. Second of all, aluminium formwork can help you save time.

Aluminium formwork technology adopts “quick disassembly system”. When the concrete of a certain layer reaches a certain strength, under the premise of ensuring the safety of construction, except for the retained vertical rod and removing the support head as soon as possible, the flanged bone and aluminium formwork are removed synchronously and transported from the material transfer port to the upper layer. At the same time, the material transfer is carried out by using the material transfer port, and a large number of tower crane transfer time is saved by using the material transfer port without unloading platform. Third of all, aluminium formwork can help you save labor. The aluminium formwork is light weighted and is convenient to install. The aluminium alloy plate is used for all parts to be assembled, and the stability is good.

If the worker is installed strictly according to the work instruction, there is basically no case of the template bulging or explosion in the concrete pouring process. Fourth of all, aluminium formwork can do good to the environment protection. Aluminium formwork technology is both energy saving and environmental protection, which will not cause site pollution. Meanwhile, scrapped formwork can also be recycled, remelted, which if of low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction in line with the national green construction regulations. The last but not the least, aluminium formwork is very practical.

The appearance of aluminium formwork is very lubricated, flat, and each piece between applies the pin to hole connection process. As long as the pin is fixed, it is almost possible to achieve seamless connection. In this way, the concrete will not leak because the joint is too large, forming the outer honeycomb hemp surface of concrete.