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Why Adopts The Aluminium Formwork Components ?

  • goldapple
  • 2022/02/16
  • 200

Goldapple's aluminium formwork components are a great option for building structures that require large amounts of concrete to be placed. The formwork is then removed when the concrete has achieved the desired strength. The panels that make up the formwork are made from an extruded aluminium rail section welded to a sheet of aluminium. These components are lightweight and offer a good stiffness-to-weight ratio. They are made to be easy to handle and assemble, and are also designed with safety in mind.


Unlike other forms of construction, which use steel struts, aluminum formwork components ensure high integrity and stability. The various components of an aluminium formwork system include a corner panel, beam panel, waling, beam early stripping head, and a steel prop. Each of these components is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the project. These components are lightweight and can be hand-set or flown by crane to fit the exact specifications of the structure.


The benefits of using aluminium formwork components are numerous. They are durable, and a variety of different types are available for different types of construction projects. The most popular type is 6061-T6 aluminum, which shows excellent weldability and is a preferred choice for creating formwork. In addition, aluminium 6061 is incredibly easy to weld. The weld process allows for welds to be made on thinner sections and thicker ones.


Moreover, These components are lightweight and easy to assemble, and are highly resistant to moisture. Furthermore, they can be reused over again. Whether you need a simple formwork component or a complex formwork component, aluminium is the ideal material for your next construction project. Aside from its durability, aluminium formwork components are very flexible and can be re-used many times. Its high strength and flexibility make it ideal for complex and irregular geometries. Its high load capacity allows for floor to floor cycle to last for seven days. In addition, the aluminium formwork is recyclable, reducing the risk of damage and the potential for fire. So, aluminium formwork components can help you achieve better results than other forms.




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