Why Aluminium Frame Profile Is The First Choice For Sliding Windows ?

Sliding windows have become a trend these days because of their eye-catching appearance. These windows are mostly made of aluminium frame profile as this material provides several advantages as compared to other materials. These windows not just look attractive but also have high strength. Aluminium alloy windows are mainly used in the architectural industry. If we talk about house décor, aluminium alloy windows are considered the best to seal the terrace.

Now, you must be thinking about why you should choose aluminium profile material for your sliding windows? Of course, it’s a big decision to select the right material for your residential windows. You need to consider your available budget and requirements before making any decision. The best thing about aluminum frame profile is that it offers maximum flexibility as compared to other materials. There are several other reasons to choose aluminum frame profile for your windows. It would not be wrong to say that aluminum is the strongest material and considered the best for constructing windows. On an average, an aluminum frame is 5 times stronger than a wooden frame. Also, windows made with aluminum frame profile are easy to maintain.

As already stated, aluminum profiles are flexible, so you can mold them into any shape of your choice. It does not matter whether you want to build rectangular, square, double-hung, or single-hung windows, you can confidentially choose aluminium frame profiles. Finally, you must have a good plan to build your windows with aluminum profiles. Make sure you have decided the shape and size of windows before you choose aluminum frame profile. This will ensure that you are not wasting any materials.

The aluminum alloy surface is polished by oxidation. The sash frame of the window is big and can be decorated with a huge glass area to brighten the indoor light, enhance the contrast between the exterior and interior of the façade, and enlarge the living room. The extrusion of aluminum alloy is quite easy, the accuracy of machining is high, profile size is accurate that’s why many homeowners prefer selecting aluminum alloy windows. The advantages of aluminium frame profile by Pingguo  Fusheng  are listed below.

  • 30 extrusion lines in total.
  • 3 powder coating lines i.e. 2 horizontals and 1 vertical.
  • 2 anodizing lines, having 7.5 meters maximum length of profile anodizing.
  • 12 meters maximum coating length, having nearly 100,000 tons yearly capacity.

As far as the quality of aluminium frame profile is concerned, it is certified with ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO18000, ISO14000, and ISO9001 certification. Also, it complies with energy conservation certification. It has also acquired some honors like ‘High and New Tech Enterprise’ and ‘Guangxi Famous Brand’. At present, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP offers two types of packing i.e. standard packing and special packing.


Standard packing

For polished/anodized/powder coated, packing, wood strip, and steel are used. For mill finish, pear wool and heat shrink film are used.

Special packing

Special packing includes standard packing plus extra paper. Also, it includes plastic protective film, steel trolley, and wood strip.