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Why Choose Gold Apple Industrial Aluminum Profile?

  • goldapple
  • 2021/08/03
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Industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum bars extruded through the use of hot melting to obtain your aluminum material in form of different shapes. To ensure that the optimal strength and shapes are obtained from the industrial aluminum profile, several factors are first considered to ensure it meets the bare minimum.

To ensure you get the best quality industrial aluminum profiles, Pingguo Fusheng incorporates consideration on the several factors depending on what you love most. As a matter of fact, Pingguo Fusheng, specializes in production of top-grade and most high-quality industrial aluminum profiles.

Factors considered in Production of Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Hardness Level

The industrial aluminum profiles will be based on the hardness level needed. Pingguo Fusheng has a promise on its clients through which they produce their industrial aluminum profiles with the use of pure aluminum alloys only.
The level of the aluminum profile hardness is directly proportional to the chemical composition in the alloy. As a result of this, the aluminum profiles might come in different series depending on the level of hardness you need.

Resistance on Corrosion

Corrosion is another factor considered when coming up with the best industrial aluminum profile in the market. Resistance on corrosion might include corrosion led by stress, chemical other forms of stress put on the aluminum profile.
The use of the aluminum profile will define the need of the resistance to corrosion. Whehre the aluminum profile is needed in a highly corrosive environment, using anti-corrosion industrial aluminum profiles are inevitable.


Though this is mostly not an issue, it is essential to ensure that you use the aluminum alloys which will be compatible with the needs demanded later. In most cases Part 5 series industrial aluminum profiles are specifically designed to be used where welding is needed.

Performance on Decorative Needs

This is one of the most key issues and factors to consider whenever you choose a specific industrial aluminum profile. This is essential to ensure that the aluminum alloy used attains a specific surface tissue with the best color you might need it to have.

Pingguo Fusheng ensures you get the best industrial aluminum profile which has the best performance on decorative needs. With the use of the 2 powder coated lines where one is in the vertical with the other being on the horizontal, finishing the look of the industrial aluminum profile will be the best.

In addition to this, Pingguo Fusheng makes use of polishing machines together with wooden paper heat transfer machines. This is all essential in ensuring that the performance on decorative needs meets the bare minimum. As a result of this, you will rest assured of having the best industrial aluminum profiles in the market.

Quality of Pingguo Fusheng Industrial Aluminum Profiles

One of the most amazing thing from Pingguo Fusheng, is on the quality maintenance and consistency noted. With this, Pingguo Fusheng has been able to retain most of its clients following increased satisfaction.

Pingguo Fusheng carries out the GB5237 as well as ISO standards to enhance high quality management. In addition to this, on the production of the industrial aluminum profiles, a quality control is done on inspection done of the quality maintained on all processes.

Not only this, but also the experience of Pingguo Fusheng which is more than 20 years in the market. This assures you of having a trusted brand that does exportation to more than 50 countries and regions.

Product Specs

  • These industrial aluminum profiles are of grade 6,000 Series
  • Contains a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 10 tons after samples confirmation.
  • The full certification of ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO10012 ensure that high quality products are released in the market.


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