Advantages of Aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heatsink profiles have so many materials, but compared with other materials, even though aluminum extrusion or casting aluminum has many advantages: such as energy-saving, materials-saving, decoration, price, weight, and other aspects.
Aluminum alloy is equipped with high thermal conductivity, which is the decisive factors to maintain good thermal performance and the best medium of thermal energy conversion. It is characterized by less time, heating fast and high efficiency. Light and handy, easy processing are another two major features. The same specifications of the radiator, the weight of an aluminum alloy one is 1/3 of a steel one.
  Aluminum heat sink is the lightest among a variety of radiators. It is easy to handle and to install. At the same time, its is popular for the good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, fast heating, high-strength metal heating. With the readiness of extrusion, it can be squeezed into various shapes of radiator, so it appears to be new, beautiful and decorative. Since aluminum anodizing is the best protective film after anodizing, so it is oxidation-proof and corrosion-proof, a reasonable price making it welcomed by mass working-class and aluminum profile supplier.
     Aluminum heat sink has good thermal conductivity, high pressure and high thermal strength of metal. The heat dissipation, heat dissipation, efficiency are the biggest features of aluminum radiator. Meanwhile, powder coating apperance, beautiful color and good decoration add much value to its attractiveness. The overall evaluation is: comprehensive production pollute neither the environment nor the water. The cooling strength is four times of a cast angle. Weight is one-tenth of cast iron. It is beautiful and generous, occupying little space. Apart from that, it is quite eco-friendly and energy-saving. All characteristics of  aluminum radiator in line with China’s development requirement of the radiator “light, efficient, eco-friendly and energy-saving .”
In terms of production, aluminum heat sink is the best material for choice. it is advantageous whether in energy-saving, materials, decoration, price,  or weight. Copper- aluminum, steel-aluminum, stainless steel and other aluminum material products contain aluminum. The problem is that the combination of several aspects, only from the bending point of view, aluminum is not as good as steel, but the aluminum pipe is definitely better than steel; from the price point of view, aluminum is desirable out of question. Steel has complex processes for anticorrosion. A radiator made of aluminum alloy is better than made of other materials in any respect.