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Advantages of insulated aluminum windows and doors

  • aluminum windows and doors
  • 2017/08/24
  • 200


Insulation broken bridge aluminum also called broken bridge aluminum, aluminum insulation, broken bridge aluminum alloy. Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum on both sides of the aluminum, the middle of the plastic cavity to do with the heat material, through this innovative structure design, taking into account the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy materials, while meeting the decorative effect and doors and windows strength and resistance to old Performance of the various requirements.

The advantages of insulated aluminum windows and doors are as follows:

1.Good thermal insulation property.

2.Water resistant.

3.Prevent dew and frost.

4.Noise prevention and sound insulation.

5.Fire resistant.

6.Windbreak sand and wind resistance.

7.High strength, no deformation, no maintenance.

8.A variety of colors, decorative.

9.Environmental protection building materials, circular economy.

10.Open in many forms, comfortable and durable.



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