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Auminium profiles Andozing and Electrophoresis production in Gold apple

  • goldapple-alu
  • 2017/09/21
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The aluminium profiles through the surface pretreatment, in the certain condition of process,

The substrate surface generates anodic oxidation,create a layer of dence,porous,strong adsorption force AL203 film,seal the membrane holes of porous oxidation film generated by anodic oxidation,so that increase the oxide film anti-pollution,corrosion resistance and wear resistance.Oxide film is colorless and transparent, and made use of strong adsorption of oxide fil before sealing and adsorbed and deposted some metal salts in the membrane holes,it can show many other colors which outside of natural color(silver white)of profiles appearance,such as:bleck,bronze,golded,and stainless steel color and so on.


Use the mill finish(substrate profiles)as anode and place into the electrolyte for electrolysis,then the mill finish furnace achieve a layer of protective oxidation film,so it calls anodizing finish.

The feature of anodizing finish:

1.    strong resistance to abrasion,weatherability,corrosion resistance;

2.    Avariety of colors can be made on the substrate profiles surface;

3.    .Strong hardness,suitable for a variety of construction,industrial materials production.


Use anodizing profiles as anode and place into water-soluble latex solution through the DC,aluminium oxide film surface is deposited as a preotective layer og coating film to achieve electropgoresis finish.

The feature of electrophoresis finish:

1.    Strong coating film hardness,strong impact force

2.    Hign film adhesion,not eacy to fall off and aging

3.    Compare to anodizing finish,stronger coating film hardness,stronger impact force

4.    Surface colorfull and beautiful with a mirror-like gloss effect.

Electrophoresis finish is based on anodizing finish,production process and quality will be better than anodizing finish,but the price of electrophreisi finish also will be more expensive than anodizing finish




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