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Fluorocarbon used in aluminum doors

  • goldapple
  • 2017/05/09
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Fluorocarbon spraying is a kind of electrostatic spraying
It is a way of the liquid spraying, known as the fluorine carbon spraying, called curium oil in Hong Kong. It belongs to high grade spraying, so the price is relatively high. Due to its excellent characteristics, it gets more and more attention and favor from construction and the user.
Fluorocarbon spraying has excellent resistance to fading, to corrosion from air pollution, to ultraviolet rays, to crack and to withstanding severe weather conditions which are the general sprayings.
Although the cost of using fluorocarbon spraying processing the windows and doors is a bit high the quality is much better than ordinary plastic spraying. Common industrial aluminum profile all use the high temperature baking fluorocarbon painting.
 Fluorocarbon painting refers to the paint containing the fluorine resin as main film forming material. Among various kinds of spraying, fluorine resin spraying contains fluorine element that has large electronegativity, so the fluorocarbon bond energy is strong. And it has superior performances in particular, such as weather ability heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and unique not viscous and low friction.
The performance excellent corrosion resistance 
Thanks to superior chemical inertness, paint film resisting to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals and a variety of chemical solvents. It provides protection barrier for base material. The paint film is tough , high surface hardness, impact resistance, and resistance to buckling and wearability which showed optimal physical and mechanical properties.
Free maintenance and self-cleaning
Due to fluorocarbon sprayings with low surface energy, dust on the surface can sanctify themselves by the rain. It is also highly hydrophobic and repellent oil, and the friction coefficient is much small.what’s more, no scaling and sticking dust come to have good soil resistance. 
Painted on the surface of metals, plastic, cement and composite materials, fluorocarbon painting has excellent adhesion, basically showing it is able to attach to the characteristics of any material. 
Containing a large number of F - C key in spraying, it determines its super stability, no pulverization and has service life 20 years long. Fluorocarbon spraying has more excellent using properties than any other type of spraying.


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